CPMLevel is a Windows 3.1 CPM scheduling and resource leveling program based on an enhanced version of the Minimum Moment Method (MOM).

The original MOM algorithm is described in:

R. B. Harris, Precedence and Arrow Networking Techniques for Construction, J. Wiley & Sons, NY, NY, 1978.

CPMLevel animates histograms while leveling and allows manual activity displacements to explore various leveling strategies. CPMLevel was written in 1992 when personal computers were orders of magnitude slower. Back then, the animation of the leveling was slow enough to be observed. With today’s computers the animation is so fast that appears to be instantaneous. You may be able to enjoy the animation if you can slow down your computer or find an 80386 class computer to run it on.

To install CPMLevel you need to download CPMLevel.zip. Once you download this file you should extract its contents to a directory of your choice.

To run CPMLevel simply execute the file CPMLevel.exe. You may wish to create a shortcut or Program Manager icon for easy launching.

The files in the archive include a reference manual that explains the modified minimum moment method, a user’s guide that explains how to use the program, and several examples.