Cannot launch or open Stroboscope

The most likely cause of this problem is a faulty installation. The later versions of Stroboscope have a significantly improved setup program that prevents a faulty installation from taking place. If your version of Stroboscope is lower than 3.8, then download and install the latest one.

For the sake of those who are curious, below is an explanation and solution to the problem for those with older versions of Stroboscope.

In some cases, particularly when the Stroboscope installation instructions are not followed carefully the first time, you may get an error message from EZStrobe or the Stroboscope GUI indicating that it could not launch Stroboscope or open it for automation.

To correct this problem, download and extract the file STROBOAUTOM.VBS to the Stroboscope Program directory. By default this directory is at “C:\Program Files\Julio C. Martinez\Stroboscope Educational\Program”. With some zip extraction utilities you may have trouble extracting the file directly to the Stroboscope Program directory due to permission issues. In these cases, please extract StroboAutom.vbs to a temporary location and then copy it from there to the Stroboscope Program directory. After it is downloaded to that directory, execute it by double-clicking. Make sure you answer positively to all prompts – you should  see several.

Under Vista and Windows 7, you will not be able to proceed unless you answer positively to the question that asks whether you want to allow changes to be made to your computer. Under Windows XP,  make sure you grant the most authoritative permission when asked, by making sure you “run as administrator"; or if you are currently logged on as administrator, by un-checking the option to “protect my computer and data from unauthorized access”:


Also make sure that you respond to the registry editor, which may be blinking in the taskbar to catch your attention.