Stroboscope: Communication problems with the License Server

Stroboscope uses a licensing scheme that requires validation over the Internet on first use, and sporadically thereafter (500 runs or one year since last validation). If upon startup Stroboscope detects that it is connected to the Internet, but that access to the License Servers is blocked, it will not run.

This may happen if you have a firewall that prevents Stroboscope from initiating Internet communications. To solve the problem in this case, make sure you add the Stroboscope executable to the list of exceptions in your Firewall. The Stroboscope executable is STRBWIN.EXE and is located in the PROGRAM subdirectory under the main Stroboscope installation directory.

Communication may also be blocked at the network level. In this case, you need to contact your network administrator to allow traffic to and via port 63714.