Vita2D Download and Installation

Vita2D is entirely contained in a single file, Vita2D.vss, which is included along with several others in this zip archive. Vita2D.vss should be extracted to a directory listed in the Visio ‘Stencils’ path (which can be specified using Tools->Options and then FilePaths in the Advanced Tab). In addition, in Visio 2003 the security level should be set at the most to ‘medium’ (Tools->Options and then Macro Security in the Security tab); in Visio 2007 the directory where it is located should be declared a ‘trusted location’ (Tools->Trust Center and then Trusted Locations in the left hand column). If you have a working Stroboscope installation, the Program/GUI directory under the main Stroboscope directory complies with these requirements, and the quickest way to install Vita2D is to copy it to that directory.

The example files and documentation that come along with Vita2D can be extracted to a directory of your choice. These files include a tutorial and guide (Vita2D.pdf), a Stroboscope model that can generate the complete example discussed in the tutorial (Vita2DExampleModel.str), a pre-generated trace file that can readily be used to experience an animation (Vita2DExample_10Trucks.vtf2d), the Visio drawing file required for the animation (Vita2DExampleAnimation.vsd), and the pair Demo.vsd and Demo.vtf2D which make up a hand-written animation that demonstrates some of Vita2D’s capabilities.