Vita2D is a post-processing animator hosted on Microsoft Visio. It creates, moves, and modifies objects in a drawing according to instructions in a trace file that is written according to the Vita2D language specification. Vita2D attempts to maintain a constant
ratio of animated time to the time specified in the instructions.

Vita2D trace files are typically generated by discrete-event simulations when they run. The example included with Vita2D uses a Stroboscope simulation model, but any system can be used as long as it is capable of writing instructions to a file during simulation. It is also possible to create some short animations by typing directly the trace file instructions. The Demo animation included with Vita2D is an example of this.

Vita2D was written in order to quickly animate simulations without spending time in 3D modeling, and by working with a streamlined and polished development environment that is conducive to quick productivity – unlike Proof Animation (Wolverine Software 1995), which uses a development environment that is unique to it. Some elemental knowledge of Visio ShapeSheet technology is needed to create animations.

Vita2D Download and Installation