Stroboscope available since 1/23/2013

An updated Stroboscope ( has been available since 1/23/2013. (Download).

This update fixes some problems with the Stroboscope IDE that started to show up after a Windows update that took place sometime in the Fall of 2012 – if the IDE was launched directly rather than through one of the Visio based graphical interphases, the IDE would hang or crash when launched or when the first model was ran.

The new version also includes updated Visio tools (EZStrobe, ProbSched, Stroboscope GUI) that are compatible with Visio 2013. In addition, EZStrobe and ProbSched are also now compatible with 64-bit versions of Visio. The Stroboscope GUI continues to work only with 32-bit versions of Visio.

File versions in the Stroboscope package:

File Version
Stroboscope IDE (strbwin.exe)
Stroboscope Simulation Engine (strobosc.dll)
EZStrobe 3.9.3